Unlock Your Child's

Inner Artist

Art Show Tuesday March 28th

class cancellation policy

Payment is due at the time of enrollment. Cancellations 30 days prior to start date will issue a full refund minus a $50 non-refundable deposit. Cancellations made within 48 hours of start date are non-refundable. Spots may be transferred to another sibling or child in cases of illness or emergency.

Make Up Class Policy

Due to the inherent process of art classes there are no "make up classes". The final week of a class session is used to prepare for the art show and wrap up any unfinished projects.

Wear art-friendly clothes otherwise we have art smocks available.

All classes are drop off. Parents are welcome to stay in our parent waiting area if space allows.

Class lessons and projects are up to the teachers' discretion and will vary based on class skill and interests.

Little Makers - Ages 3-6

Explore an engaging & fun curriculum to experience the magic of process art for your Little Maker! We love helping our young artists feel confident creating independently, so Little Makers is a drop-off class. Class begins with a song, followed by a story, and then an art activity. Something new and exciting each week!!

Drawing and Painting

Young painters will explore different types of painting including watercolor, tempura, and acrylic. They will learn painting techniques and tips, study famous artist, while incorporating the foundational principles of art like balance, proportion, emphasis, variety, movement, rhythm, and more! The curriculum is up to the teacher's discretion. Projects are tailored to the skill level and interest of the class.

Mixed Media

Mixed media explores all the many varieties of art mediums including drawing and painting, sculpting, collage, clay, fiber arts, and more! They will learn techniques and tips, study famous artist, while incorporating the foundational 7 elements of art into their masterpieces. The curriculum is up to the teacher's discretion. Projects are tailored to the skill level and interest of the class.

Sewing Club

Kids love to sew! Children as young as eight can learn this valuable and lifelong skill! During lessons your child will learn how to use a sewing machine with supervision, master specific beginner skills and create some fun, age-appropriate projects. Projects and instruction are personalized to meet the student's skill level and interests and are constantly evolving throughout the school year. Private lessons are also available.

Young Artist Workshops - Ages 6-11

Each month we will hold a special workshop for young artist ages 6-11 to create. This is a great opportunity to explore the studio for the first time and pop in for some extra adventures in art. See our schedule for this month’s project.

Tween/Teen Art Class - Ages 12+

Tween/Teen Art takes a deeper dive into a variety of mediums and art techniques. This is a Mixed Media class and could explore any of the following project categories: jewelry making, sewing, collage, art journaling, clay, drawing and painting and so much more! The curriculum is up to the teacher's discretion and can be modified to meet the skills and interests of the class. Most importantly, friendships are formed as an added bonus while collaborating and working together.

Teen Art Night - First Fridays of the Month - Ages 12+

First Fridays Teen Art Night is a great once a month opportunity for teens to come together and explore the fundamentals of drawing & beyond. There will be a variety of subjects including anime, animals (real and mystical), comics, tessellations, perspective drawing and much more!

Family Paint Nights

We love our art community and a big part of that is bringing families together to share in an engaging fun painting experience. Each month we offer a family paint night for any combination: Grandma and grandkids, a favorite Aunty with their niece and/or nephew…you get the picture! See the schedule for this month’s project. This is a parent/child experience and both must be registered and pay to be fully enrolled.

Need One-on-One Time? Try Private Lessons

Art Lessons - $60/hour

Join our creative team for a private or semi-private Art Experience. The lesson will be tailored to your child's age and interests.

Sewing Lessons - $60/hour

Ready to explore what a sewing machine can do? Join one of our amazing sewing teachers for a private or semi-private sewing experience! Ideal for ages 8+.